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About Our Team

Our staff consists of experienced professionals with an average of more than 18 years in the financial industry. We have assembled a team of experts, with a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Equity & Fixed Income
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Banking
  • Structured Settlements

Jeff Briggs

CEO, Investment Advisor

Jeff became an account executive in 1985 specializing in individual equities and private and public offerings – including Montana Mills Bread and Auction Direct USA. He is currently a licensed securities Principal, investment...
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Vincent Pace

Controller, Operations

Vincent diligently performs the Business Operations and Client Management Support functions for Rochester Wealth Management.
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Charity Donnan

Financial Consultant

Following a successful career as a Credit Analyst for ABN AMRO Bank in New York and Chicago Charity joined Merrill Lynch as an Investment Advisor. She has since become an accomplished member of our firm. Charity continues to build...
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Matt Kreutz

Senior Account Executive, Insurance Specialist

Matt Kreutz has been licensed since 1995. He specializes in long-term retirement planning and life insurance. He is married and has three daughters. In his spare time Matt works in his wood shop, building furniture and turning bowls.
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George Manou

Financial Consultant

George has been working hard for investment clients for over 10 years. With value and dividend strategies he uses equities, mutual funds, ETFs and REITs to build income producing portfolios.
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Anthony Nicoletti

Managing Director

Tony has been a leader in the Rochester financial community since 1972. Through mergers and acquisitions he served with several financial firms, including Senior VP with Morgan Stanley. Tony’s clients enjoy his deep personal...
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David Della Stua

David was first licensed to work in the investment and insurance field in 1986. His clients enjoy his devoted focus on their individual and unique needs. David conducts thorough financial assessments before making any specific...
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Don Brown

Don has been a licensed advisor since 2005. He specializes in helping his clients define their financial goals and develop a comprehensive plan to reach those goals. His areas of expertise include risk management, mutual funds, fixed...
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